Grand Rapids, MI

9,890 SQ FT


Project Overview

Lumbermen’s has been a leading distributor and manufacturer of building materials since 1955. The Lumbermen’s headquarters, located in Grand Rapids, needed a fresh update to an office designed over 40 years ago. Wolverine Building Group worked to build a new space that better meets the current needs of the company. 

The interior office renovation included an addition to the vestibule; remodeling offices, the kitchen, conference room, and restrooms; a change order addition for an IT server room; in-floor radiant heat; and finish upgrades. 

The building was occupied during construction, so to protect Lumbermen’s employees and exemplify Wolverine’s commitment to safety for the entire project community, precautions were taken, such as using temporary walls and many alternate entrances and exits. Hidden structure issues were also quickly managed and corrected during construction. 

Wolverine Building Group worked with Lumbermen’s to tailor finishing details using materials their business provided to the site. This project created a modern and functional office that is a unique representation of Lumbermen’s.