Wolverine Promotion Aimed for Leadership in Facilities Management

Press Release

By Kate Klemp January 19, 2024

Garlock will lead specialized team, responding to recent growth in building services sector

Grand Rapids, MI – January 17, 2024 – Jamie Garlock has been named as Special Projects Supervisor, leading the expanding Building Services and Facilities Maintenance team at Wolverine Building Group. The team has encountered rapid growth since 2020, more than doubling their workload in 2023.

Garlock joined Wolverine in 2021 as Project Manager for the Building Services team. Bringing his 30 years of experience in manufacturing project management to the position, Garlock is systematizing operations and has added full time Site Supervisors to the team. “I saw great potential when I joined this team a few years ago,” said Garlock. “Being part of its development has been rewarding, and now to lead the team, I am excited to watch our work evolve to support the wider organizational growth of the company.”

The Building Services and Maintenance team handles warranty work, but the majority of the growth has been directly responding to referrals and repeat clients seeking adaptations, repairs and expansions of their current facilities. Items such as concrete repair, column repair, painting, floor and wall tile installation and general carpentry are often needed to maintain a safe and effective environment for businesses.

Garlock plans to leverage current gains in system improvements alongside new technology to increase efficiencies and maximize value for Wolverine clients. He sees the facilities maintenance arm of the business growing because of changes already implemented.

“We’ve been able to respond quickly to opportunities because of the dedicated staff we’ve added,” he shared. “That kind of customer service really makes an impression. My vision for this position is to improve the capabilities of the special projects team to better serve Wolverine and our clients.”