Standale Location of Jake’s Fireworks Opening Monday

Posted on June 6, 2014KCichon

Standale, MI – (June 9, 2014) The first Standale location of Jake’s Fireworks, leader in artillery shell fireworks and consumer pyrotechnics, officially opened for business today, June 9.  The store is located at 4190 Lake Michigan Drive, in a formerly vacant facility.

General contractor Wolverine Building Group and architect Jeffrey Hunt completed the work necessary to prepare the building for its new occupant.  Transforming the 4,000 square foot facility into a functional retail space required upgrades to the fire barriers and fire protection systems, as well as eliminating barriers in order to meet current ADA standards.

“Jake’s Fireworks has been a wonderful repeat client,” says project manager Dulane Coval, who also completed build-outs for Jake’s locations in Muskegon and Kentwood.  “They look to Wolverine to meet the unique challenges of their use group, and it’s a pleasure to work with them.”

Wolverine Building Group is celebrating their 75th anniversary this year.  For more information about Wolverine Building Group, please visit

Jake’s Fireworks relocated July 1st, 2013 to its new world headquarters to the Pittsburg Industrial Park.  One of Jake’s proprietary fireworks is Excalibur, the #1 selling artillery shell firework of all time.  For more information about Jake’s Fireworks, please visit