Scalable Solutions: When Large Makes Small Better

Master Builder

By Kate Klemp February 24, 2023

Wolverine’s construction of large-scale projects creates benefits for clients in each market segment. Whether planning to build a few hundred square feet or few hundred thousand, owners partnering with Wolverine have discovered that eight decades of construction leadership proves value in a multitude of areas. Taking large project experience and scaling it for your vision, Wolverine creates solutions in four key areas: estimating, supply chain solutions, best practice eco-systems and priority relationships.


Bringing our partners in early, Wolverine is able to establish realistic, stable budgets for categories that many construction management services are unable to fulfill. Our experience with large scale projects puts downscale projects at an advantage – leveraging connection and pricing for every size build.

The low bid on a project may be a high risk to take with an unknown subcontractor, but our teams have experience with hundreds of regional players. Director of Construction Troy Redman was able to see a pattern in multiple low bids in one subcontractor’s offers. “That’s typically a risk I’m not willing to take,” he said. “But seeing a trend over multiple bids, I took a chance with a smaller project and their performance paid dividends for our client.”

Senior Project Manager Drew Sorenson referred to the times he’s been introduced to a new sub-contractor on a large project that then turned into a long-term mutually beneficial relationship on small to medium size projects. “There have been multiple times when I’ve tried out up and coming businesses on a larger project, discovering that their talent and terms can benefit projects across Wolverine’s portfolio,” stated Sorenson. “Often the added benefit is that these contractors are WBE/MBE/MLBE* and our pipeline for projects with these partners is continually developing.”

Supply Chain Solutions

With the amount and scale of projects accomplished by Wolverine, our team’s understanding of lead times, supply hiccups and sourcing issues far surpass others. To say that our team can clear every hurdle is hubris, but knowing what’s tough to get and when affects the project timeline. Working on large scale projects offers every size client an advantage – a peek into what the “big guys” are dealing with and avoiding it at your level.

When a recent building addition ran into an obstacle sourcing electrical supply, Wolverine’s connection with the supply eco-system benefited the project’s needs. The Wolverine project team was able to source the electrical supply from a larger vendor, assisting the smaller project and staying on schedule. The collaboration goes both ways, our work to connect with smaller to mid-size construction partners, while nurturing large scale relationships, creates a mutually beneficial symbiosis, that advances all projects.

Best Practice Eco-Systems

Knowing what’s at the forefront of the building industry is our job. Our knowledge of best practices is unparalleled, offering expertise to some of the biggest projects in the region. Mid- to smaller projects can apply our construction leadership to advancing their end product.

Recently, in renovating a outpatient health office, the Wolverine project team suggested a modification in the wiring to prepare for the next generation of tech approaching healthcare. The changes were suggested because recent completed work at the large hospital made the upgrade. The knowledge shared of advancing technology helped prepare the smaller healthcare practice for big changes down the road.

Priority Relationships

Our competitive advantage for large projects translates to success for your project. “With thousands of reliable, talented, high-quality sub-contractors to pull from, our clients can be confident that their project gets the pricing and attention it deserves,” offers Mike Houseman, Vice President at Wolverine. “Our scaled power creates larger pools to complete their project on time and on budget.”

Often, our priority relationships with suppliers can advance smaller scale projects, too. Our long-term relationships with established vendors who count on us for multiple large-scale projects are the same suppliers for smaller projects as well. That buying power opens doors that match your project with the right price at the right time.

What works well for Wolverine on large projects across the country, creates scalable solutions for every project, no matter the size. The heart of Wolverine’s success is the relationships built between client, suppliers, contractors and partners. Our value is the attention we pay to every aspect of a project, every size, every time. Let our experience pay-off in solutions for your next build.


*WBE/MBE/MLBE women-owned enterprise, minority-owned enterprise, micro-local owned enterprise