Safety is Our #1 Focus

Posted on May 5, 2017KCichon

Construction workers are faced daily with situations that could become hazardous if not properly trained and equipped. Some of these hazards include fall of all kinds, unguarded tools, being struck by construction equipment, electrocutions, and dangerous substances such as dust or asbestos.

Wolverine Building Group is proud that over our 78 years of business, we have never had an employee fatality. Making sure our employees and trade partners head home to their friends and families at the end of their work day is our number one priority. With proper training, and the appropriate planning and safety gear, we believe that normal job-site activities don’t have to become hazards.

Wolverine is continuously enhancing our safety program. This year Wolverine launched a Safety Star: Caught in the Act program. This program encourages Superintendents to award anyone they see on-site going above and beyond in safety. If caught in the act, the worker receives:

  • A safety Above & Beyond certificate
  • A hardhat sticker
  • A special Wolverine gift
  • A personalized letter to their company
  • Public recognition

According to OSHA standard violations for 2016, the top 10 most frequently cited violations were:

1. Fall protection
2. Hazardous Chemical & Employee Communication Concerning the Chemical

3. Scaffolding
4. Respiratory Protection
5. Control of hazardous energy
6. Powered industrial trucks
7. Ladders
8. Machinery and Machine Guarding
9. Electrical, wiring methods, components and equipment
10. Electrical systems design

On a daily basis, Wolverine Superintendents, Safety Director, and Field Manager comb over job-site perimeters making sure projects are well organized and meet all safety standards. They also make sure all workers are using/wearing correct safety gear and are alert and proactive towards their surroundings.