Trailer X-Press

Design Build Project Responds to Client Vision

Project Overview

This spectacular industrial build along the 131 corridor is not your typical PEMB. This design build project for Trailer X-press is really four custom-engineered metal buildings, with different end-use intentions for each, combined to be responsive to the full scope of complex work for the client. From the elevation and shape of each building, the position of the dock doors and the flow of the parking lot, this project answers nearly every challenge of their business with an opportunity to streamline their production.

The flow of Trailer X-press’ work was the heart of the responsive design for this building. The first building was designed for rapid check in and repair, the second, for offices, retail and parts, the third for long-term repair and short-term maintenance, the fourth for truck maintenance and trailer wash. Even the immense parking lot was designed to store their inventory of our country’s infrastructure – the semi-trailer.

It is rare that the disciplines in construction work so closely together to respond to the needs of the client. This project is entirely a collaboration with teams from each segment of work, our architects, our steel team, the project managers and superintendents. The result is an incredible feat that changes the game for industrial buildings.