Blythefield Country Club Renovation & Expansion

Belmont, MI

36,000 SQ FT

Historic adaptation and expansion complete in time for international attention.

Project Overview

When opening up a building constructed nearly a century ago, many issues will surface. For each portion of the work, the team came up with a pivot plan to keep construction on schedule. As we entered the demo phase, we were able to get a grasp on what we were dealing with. Having a backup plan ready to execute, ‘if this, then that’ kept everyone focused.

Getting creative in a crunch, the team split the project into several segmented projects, managed by additional talented team members, working simultaneously toward the final goal. Each downscale project took on its own scheduling, subcontractors, and was able to run with smaller crews. The team set expectations for all subcontractors, letting them know that simultaneous segmented work would be concurrent. Their partnership and trust in Wolverine’s experience proved essential to the goal.