Grand Rapids Manufacturer Sees Continued Success

Posted on January 17, 2014KCichon

Grand Rapids, MI – (January 24, 2014) Thierica, a local manufacturing firm that primarily serves the auto industry, has undergone an expansion.  The Grand Rapids-owned and -run manufacturing firm injection molds, paints robotically, and decorates automotive components.

Located on Clancy Avenue NE in a largely residential neighborhood, Thierica is headquartered in their own facility, incorporated in 1946.  Throughout their more than 65 years in business, Thierica has continued to thrive despite many fluctuations in the auto industry specifically and the economy in general.  Some of their newest projects include components for the new Jeep and the new Ford F-150.

General contractor Wolverine Building Group completed construction of the expansion, which consisted of additions to Thierica’s manufacturing space, as well as a portion of a docking system, totaling 9,500 sq. ft.  The employee lunch room / break area underwent a complete renovation.  The conventional steel framed additions were completed with overhead cranes to serve the plastic injection mold machines.

Wolverine has completed numerous additions and renovations to Thierica’s headquarters over the years.  “This is the fourth addition I’ve been involved in with [Thierica’s owners] Jim Stein and Forrest Frank,” says Wolverine’s President Michael G. Kelly.  “It’s always fun working with them, as the additions are always a challenge.  The great part is that they understand and expect quality construction.”

Wolverine Building Group is celebrating their 75th anniversary this year.  For more information about Wolverine Building Group, please visit   Thierica, Incorporated, can be found online at