Camp Assisted with Intentional Facility Improvements

Wolverine Update

By Kate Klemp October 23, 2023

Building access and community have been part of the Wolverine story for decades. On a recent sunny day in October, over 50 volunteers flooded the two Michigan campuses of Camp Roger to tackle a wide range of facility improvements, focusing on constructing six swings designed to engage their campers.

Our team came alongside Camp Roger leadership as they considered how the use of the buildings and spaces at Camp Roger and Camp Scottie would transform camper experience. Our teams approached each project informed of end use, and were able to work together quickly to reimagine old structures and build new.

The volunteer experience was named “Step Up and Serve” after one of the company’s core values, reinforcing pillars of corporate purpose. Additionally, Wolverine’s leadership designed project teams for the volunteer experience to cross-pollinate and deepen relationships across disciplines. This opportunity gave fresh perspectives to employees and formed new connections with team members, while building opportunities for campers to do the same.